How to Become a Ship Owner in the Crypto Ecosystem – The Next Era

How it Works


…shares earnings generated from operation of assets




…buys tokens representing assets


…lists assets as tokens


…Asset owners


…helps unlock liquidity for new investments

Asset Owners

  • Packages Maritime Assets as an SPV¹
  • Tokenizes SPV¹ with Assets as MATs²
  • Lists Assets on the Platform as MATs²
  • Sell Shares in Assets to Investors
  • Share Earnings from Asset Operations


  • Performs KYC³ and Fund Wallet
  • Browses Maritime Assets
  • Buys MATs² to Acquire Shares in Assets
  • Receives Earnings from Asset Operations
  • Sells MATs² to Exit Investment

1. Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) 2. Marine Asset Tokens (MAT) 3. Know Your Customer

Why Us: For Investors
Access to Maritime Assets

Investors gain access to a traditionally exclusive market, allowing them to invest in maritime assets by purchasing Maritime Asset Tokens (MATs) representing ownership stakes in ships.


We offer investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by including maritime assets, potentially reducing risk through exposure to a different sector of the economy.


Tokenization enhances liquidity by enabling investors to buy or sell MATs on a secondary market, providing flexibility and the ability to exit or enter investments more readily.

Stable Coin Income

Investors can receive a share of charter income in stable coins, providing a stable and predictable source of income, especially in a volatile market.


The use of blockchain technology ensures transparency in transactions, ownership records, and revenue-sharing arrangements, enhancing trust between investors and shipowners.

Global Investment Opportunities

We open up global investment opportunities in the maritime industry, allowing investors to participate in projects and vessels worldwide.

Efficient Transactions

Smart contracts on the blockchain automate and streamline investment processes, reducing the need for intermediaries and enhancing the efficiency of transactions.

Lower Entry Barriers

Tokenization lowers entry barriers for investors, enabling them to participate in the maritime sector with smaller investment amounts compared to traditional ownership structures.

Easier Asset Management

Digital ownership through MATs simplifies asset management for investors, providing easy access to information and updates related to their maritime investments.

Why Us: For Ship Owners
Tokenization Opportunities

We allow ship owners to tokenize their vessels, converting them into tradable assets (Maritime Asset Tokens – MATs).

Access to Capital

By selling MATs to retail and institutional investors, shipowners gain access to a new source of capital, facilitating vessel acquisition, maintenance, and expansion.

Liquidity Enhancement

Tokenization enhances liquidity, making it easier for shipowners to buy or sell ownership stakes in vessels, promoting a more dynamic and responsive market.


We enable shipowners to diversify their investment portfolio by tapping into a broader pool of investors, spreading risk across a larger base.

Transparent Transactions

Blockchain-based smart contracts ensure transparency in transactions, reducing the risk of disputes and enhancing trust between shipowners and investors.

Charter Income Sharing

We facilitate the sharing of charter income with investors through stable coins, providing a streamlined and secure revenue-sharing mechanism.

Efficient Fundraising

The platform streamlines the fundraising process, allowing shipowners to attract funding quickly and efficiently through the tokenization of maritime assets

Global Market Access

We provide shipowners with access to a global market of investors, increasing the potential for attracting diverse funding sources.

Cost Savings

By leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, we help reduce administrative and intermediary costs associated with traditional financing and investment processes

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